Water Conditioning Systems

Johnson H2O is proud to offer WaterCare quality water treatment equipment for residential and commercial water conditioning, including softening, filtration and many other needs. For over 60 years, WaterCare has been manufacturing built-in-America water softeners and conditioners, iron filters, neutralizers and various specialty filters. WaterCare and the Elite series of equipment carry one of the best warranties available in the industry. Johnson H2O is supported by their extensive staff of engineers, system designers, technical support and equipment.

We also offer Clack, FlowMatic, Stenner, AutoTrol, Fleck and others to complement our complete line of quality equipment.

For commercial applications, we feature the CustomCare product line for softening, filtration, reverse osmosis and engineered products. Today’s commercial and industrial water softening and filtration needs are as diverse as they are important. From apartment buildings, nursing homes, and restaurants to manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical production, all require treated water. Even some of today’s larger homes require commercial equipment. Our team knows that one size does not fit all, allowing for unique, project-specific requirements. We’re ready to serve you, from the most simple installation to the most demanding of applications.

Chemical Applications

Johnson H2O can help with chemical application such as chlorine, polyphosphate and other applications.

Hydrogen Peroxide System

This system for new and existing systems has proven successful in control and elimination of slime-forming bacteria, as well as eliminating the “rotten egg” sulfur odor. We use only National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified chemicals in our hydrogen peroxide systems.


Rental units are available for all equipment. Johnson H2O will credit 12 months of paid rental towards your purchase. Reconditioned units are also available. See store for details.